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  • What are phase coatings?

    Phase coating are a relatively new technology. These coatings are applied to roof prism binoculars only. Phase coatings are coatings applied to correct the phase shift of roof prisms which causes a deterioration of image quality.   In the past, even the best roof prism binoculars suff……
  • Keypoints when you choose a binocular

    What keypoints you need keep in mind when you choose a binoculars, now, let's tell you some main factors to keep in mind:   1. Magnification; 2. Objective lens diameter; 3. Exit pupil distance; 4. Field of View(FOV); 5. Eye relief; 6. Near focus; 7. Brightness; ……
  • Which binoculars is right for you

    Which binoculars is right for you?

    Celestron binoculars suited to a wide variety of uses including bird watching, boating, camping, hunting, sporting enents, concerts, surveillance, astronomy, travel and more. Whatever your optical needs might  be, Celestron has a binoculars style and size that's right for you.  ……