Professional Binoculars, Monocular, Optical Lens Manufacturer




NANYANG KAERQI PHOTONICS CO., LTD localed in Nanyang city Henan Province CHINA, founded in 2005 with more than 100 employees, We specialize in binoculars, monoculars, telescopes, microscopes, civil riflescopes, optical lenses and other optical devices and mated with optical cold treatment. After years of development, we now specialize in middle- and high-end optical instruments and optical components, and conduct a wide range of operations.

Our products are exported to Europe, the US, Japan, Russia, South Korea and other areas. We can produce 800,000 optical instruments and 3 million optical components each year. Relying on our professional team, strict management and excellent equipment, we strive to build well-known brands internationally such as Tasco, Bushell, Bresser, Celestron and Nature.

We integrate the design, development, production and sale operations under one roof, and were named as “AAA” and “AA” credit enterprise after many years of being in the business. Through our hard work, we have obtained ISO 9001, BSCI, WCA and GSV certifications, as well as import and export rights.